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Yoga and Mindfulness for Families and Children

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Kids Yoga in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, and the greater SF Bay Area!

Spring Break Camp

April 10-14 in Los Altos

Summer Camp

June 7-9 in Los Altos

June 12-16 in Los Altos

June 19-23 in Redwood City

July 31- Aug 4 in Redwood City

Aug 14-18 in Redwood City

Winter Camp

December 18-22 in Mountain View

Kids Camps are a week of exploring yoga, mindfulness, meditation, movement, nature, and connection. Based in the importance of play and the magic of having time and ability to connect with ourselves and others, the space we create during camp is one of empowerment, embodiment, and curiosity. When we learn to relax with who we are, we feel immense joy and strength, and we naturally long to share this with others. Be You Camps support children in cultivating the natural qualities all humans possess inherently but which often get covered up by the stresses and demands of modern Western society. See below for current offerings.