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The vision of Be You Yoga and Mindfulness is of a community grounded in the premise that human beings are okay just as they are. A sense of worthiness, dignity, and confidence are acknowledged and felt by each individual. This allows for compassion and kindness to extend toward others and oneself. Our mission is to create spaces that allow people to touch into their inherent wisdom, brilliance, kindness, strength, and bravery. We create spaces especially for children and families. Through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, meditation, connecting with nature, communicating with others, connecting mind and body, and more, we invite this basic okayness to arise.

The Be You Apprenticeship is an opportunity for an individual to explore, engage, and connect with the vision, mission, and practices of our program. The right individual would train to eventually become an assistant teacher and then a teacher with Be You.

Experience working with me and the Be You approach will give you a deep grounding in the magical power of learning how to be present for yourself and others, and cultivating deep and nourishing relationships with children and their families. More than a kids yoga teacher, more than a mentor, a Be You teacher shows up and offers deeply just be their very being. It’s more about how you are than about what you do. Children are so tuned into this subtle presence, and they thrive in spaces where people relax, show up genuinely, and trust them to be who they are.

If you are interested in deepening your personal meditation and yoga practice while also training to become a professional kids yoga and meditation teacher, then this program is for you. I’m excited to bring more teachers on board to Be You Yoga and Mindfulness and hope to build long lasting relationships that help to benefit more and more children. I look forward to working with you.

How it Works

The apprentice commits to

- assisting at least 2 summer camps during the summer, June 12-16, June 19-23, July 31- Aug 4, or Aug 14-18

- assisting classes in the fall (schedule to be determined based on availability)

- maintaining a daily meditation practice throughout the duration of the apprenticeship

and teaching roles

- practicing and studying provided materials and contemplations and attending the trainings in full

- regular check-ins with Leslie (in person or on Zoom)

- showing up and genuinely connecting with the children and their families

The apprentice will receive

- deep training in the Heart of Being with Children course which uses contemplation, meditation, and discussion to dive deeply into what it means to be present with others in one’s life, beyond expectations and agendas

-cultivation of their personal meditation practice with one on one instruction and support from me

-Tuition paid for Kidding Around Yoga kids yoga teacher training, dates can be determined based on schedule

-Tuition paid for a weekend Meditation Retreat in the Shambhala tradition: The Art of Being Human, dates can be determined based on schedule

- Be You Yoga teacher training and mentorship


The right person will have

- experience working with children

- experience with mindfulness or meditation or other contemplative practice

- experience practicing yoga for at least 1 year

- 200 hr yoga teacher certification is not required, but some studios where we offer classes do require it for kids yoga as well, so that would limit the types of classes you could teach independently

- strong commitment

- desire to be of benefit to children and their families

-CPR/ First Aid certification for children and infants is a plus

-You will have to pass a fingerprint clearance check

Be You Yoga Teacher Apprenticeship

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