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Yoga and Mindfulness for Families and Children

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Kids Yoga in Redwood City, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Menlo Park, and the greater SF Bay Area!

We believe in a society that includes families and children! We think parenting should be supported more fully, and that children should be cared for by our entire community. We're big fans of the "It takes a village" proclamation. Part of the disconnect in our fast world is not taking time to be with naturalness. Children are our biggest teachers in this regard. What does it mean to be yourself? To laugh when you want to laugh? To cry if you are sad? How can we as a community come closer to our own hearts by touching in with some of the natural ways we embody wisdom.

We believe that all beings possess wisdom, kindness, strength, and peace at their core. We strive to create spaces where families, youth, and children can connect to that core and to each other in a meaningful way. Most of all, we hope you will not be afraid to be yourself!