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"We have done family yoga in the park as well as a be you summer camp and have loved them both. The yoga in the park is a wonderful open air outdoor experience that includes stretching and movement and games and laughter. It's fun and envigiratung for the both of us, nice bonding and a way to connect with our bodies. Leslie is a great teacher. Fun and very skilled. "

- Ashlie (mother of Stella age 10)

"I liked when we make the snow lion masks".
-Emma, age 4

"Leslie is kind, smart, fun, and good at reading stories. I feel nice because Leslie said I am."
-Lula, age 7

"We have been so lucky to work with Leslie through our meditation center. We used to be very involved in the center and frequently attend sessions there, but when we had little kids, there wasn't a way for us to come to the center as a family. Leslie organized a family council and we decided what we wanted was a "Buddhist sunday school", where the kids could be with someone they love, who understands child development and is an effective teacher, and also knows about mindfulness and how to teach it to kids. As you can imagine this is a tall order, and Leslie was the only person we knew who could do this. Luckily, she agreed to be the teacher, and it has been amazing. We attend the center more and feel more connected, and our kids look forward to coming. The program has magnetized families to our center, and has created a great community of kids who look froward to seeing each other on Sundays. It warms my heart to hear what they are learning about - how to deal with their fears, how to be brave, what is unique and great about each of them, how to be gentle with themselves and others. I would highly recommend Leslie for any work with kids."
-Wendy Anderson, parent of Emma, age 4 & Lula, age 7

"Leslie connects naturally with kids. She respects and "gets" them, because she has worked with them all her life. I feel good when our daughters are with Leslie, because not only are they safe and engaged, they are learning to trust grown ups and develop communication skills that help them interact with people of all ages."

-Mark Anderson

"I love taking my daughters to Be You Yoga. They emerge from that hour more calm and refreshed, even after a long day at school!" -Lara (mother of Violet 8 and Sloane 5)

"I like that Leslie tells stories. After yoga I feel happy and strong." -Geneva, age 4

"If somebody doesn't know a pose, she helps them. I have a fun time at yoga." -Jillian, age 7

"Leslie, you totally understand and get your students. I am amazed by you and how you have opened Ruby and Baz's eyes and hearts to yoga and meditation. They love learning poses and then the three of us trying them out together. Thank you." - P (mother of Ruby and Baz ages 9 and 7)

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